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Zap is one of the Blues and a member of an elite team of minions, in Overlord: Minions.


Zap is currently a member of the Special Forces Team along with Blaze, Giblet and Stench. He helped to avert the Kindred Revival crisis with his fellow team members.

He has also been seen creating blue balls of magical energy and generating Magical Electricity between his hands, though he has never actually demonstrated these powers during the Kindred Revival crisis.


  • Zap is a blue minion, and as such has most of their basic abilities, except for Resurrection
  • He can walk through water and hit Magical enemies such as spectres with his claws.
  • He can heal individual allies and even fully heal all of his fellow team members to and beyond full health.


  • He is shown to be able to create energy balls in his palms and generate electricity between his hands in adds and promotional cover art for Overlord: Minions, but has yet to demonstrate them in the actual game. It should be noted that he probably can use these but chooses not too.
  • On the box of the gamestop pre-order a blue minion Figurine which he is assumed to be is shown holding a scythe in one hand. However this could also be the minion known to as Mortis — the minion in charge of both the graveyard and the spawning process. The latter is suggested by the scythe, however Mortis' skin colour is greyer than the minion on the front of the box.
  • He is a member of the Special Forces Team.


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