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The Tyranny Rating is the game mechanic in Overlord II that represents the player's alignment.

Listed below are decisions that affect it. Destruction is far easier than domination. Those who choose destruction will find their spells alter to be better at destroying things, while domination will make spells better for enslaving weak-minded individuals.

Note: The killing of 1000 gnomes and/or 100 seals does count towards your Destruction rating.[1]

Gaining complete mastery of Domination or Destruction does not seem to have a notable effect, other than making the spells more effective for the preferred alignment.

OL2 Icon Tyranny Domination.png Domination[]

Enslave people instead of killing them. This will make your subjects help you rather than run away, which can be helpful in the long run, by producing resources for you and your minions.

These are the decisions for domination:

  • Enslave Borius instead of killing him.

    The domination of an Imperial Citizen.

  • Enslave all of Nordberg Town's population (100).
  • Enslave ten villagers to break the ice from around the boat in Nordhaven.
  • Enslave the Nordberg Commune.
  • Enslave the Everlight Governess.
  • Enslave all of Everlight Town's population (100).
    • When fighting the rebels, if one elf kills another with a bomb it will count as a kill, however you can still complete the domination task if more are enslaved than killed.
  • Enslave Senator Drearius and his wife.
  • Enslave the Yeti.
  • Go back to the tower with Fay instead of draining her.

Note: enslaving all 100 population from Nordberg Town and/or Everlight Town causes the sky to become blood red.

OL2 Icon Tyranny Destruction.png Destruction[]

Kill people instead of enslaving them.

Total destruction in Empire City.

These are the decisions for destruction:

Note: killing all 100 population from Nordberg Town and/or Everlight Town causes the sky to become a peachy-orange.



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1.Originally it seemed to be planned to have your armor change with your tyrrany rating as shown in concept art.