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Trolls are large, brutish humanoids, with what appears to be very little intelligence. Trolls are mostly seen living in the "wild", but have also been seen under the control of creatures such as Halflings and Queen Fay.

Biology and Traits[]

Trolls in Overlord all seem to share some defining physical characteristics, like being very large and very fat. Normal trolls are pasty in colour, while forest trolls are larger and have bluish skin covered with tattoos. Both types are known for their violent natures, low intelligence, use of loincloths, and ingestion of human flesh. Trolls are tough fighters that are capable of crushing an entire horde of Minions in a single body slam, and as such caution is warranted.

Trolls also appear brutish and filthy as they are seen scratching their bums, loudly farting and sniffing their fingers. That said, they do have a small measure of intelligence as they're smart enough to talk coherently, even if they are simple-minded.


In the first Overlord the halflings used trolls as guards in various locations, though it's unknown whether these trolls were controlled through magic, bullied into helping the Halflings, were hired muscle, or something else altogether. Numerous other trolls could also be found in Evernight Forest, being known as Forest Trolls. Oberon Greenhaze also summons a pair of Forest Trolls during his fight with the Third Overlord.

A single, oversized Forest Troll appears in the outskirts of the Everlight Temple in Overlord II. Since it was summoned outside of Everlight Temple by Queen Fay, it's possible they may be considered magical creatures. The reason for most trolls being absent might be due to the Glorious Empire hunting them down and killing them, though that is mere speculation.

Two Trolls are also met in the Netherdeep in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, with both being having the name "Dave". One seems to be a normal Troll and the other a Forest Troll. Going by their dialogue, they seem to mainly feed on Minions, and occasionally Dragon eggs.