The World is where the Overlord Series is set. It has many diverse types of creatures such as humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, giant sandworms, sheep and beetles. The World is made up of areas called regions or domains.

Overlord Edit

World Overlord

Map of the lands of Overlord.

There are five domains and the Dark Tower in Overlord:, each domain has it's own respective theme on a deadly sin for each boss.

  • The Dark Tower(A large tower of marked pride by the power of the wizard)
  • Mellow Hills (A hilly landscape surrounded with clusters of food grown by halflings, kept away and stolen from feeble villagers.)
  • Evernight Forest (A sleepy-dark corrupted forest with dreamed up creature skulkers.)
  • Heaven's Peak (An apocalyptic swamp with some enemies and objects that suggest a seductive mood)
  • Golden Hills (Huge mining facilities created by dwarves upon dozens of cliffs and mountains, farming gold and iron infinitely in greed.)
  • Ruborian Desert(A large desert with golden loot, this loot was what jewel wanted but grew bored of once collected, she continues to steal in envy for more and more loot.

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

Overlord: Raising Hell introduced new domains to Overlord, called Abysses, these are twisted hellish versions of the domains listed above:

Overlord II Edit

World Overlord II

Map of the lands of Overlord II

For Overlord II a completely new set of domains was created:

Overlord: Dark Legend Edit

World Overlord Dark Legend

Map of the lands of Overlord: Dark Legend

Overlord: Dark Legend also features a set of unique locations:

Greenvale Edit

Dwarf Lands Edit

Illirium Edit

Overlord: Minions Edit

Overlord: Minions shares Withering Woods as location with Overlord: Dark Legend, but adds a few new ones:

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Edit

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil also features a set of unique locations:


Map of Summervale


Map of Ravenvale


Map of the Sewers

  • Netherdeep
  • Summervale
  • Ravenvale
  • Hollowmurk
  • Sewers
  • Halo Hold
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