Magic Anemone and Tube Plants

These mutant growths are describing the hideous magical plague.

OL2 Landscape Art Wasteland

Wasteland, art.

The Wastelands is a barren region plagued by magic. It was the site of the last Tower and most of Mellow Hills, even showing destroyed halfling homes. It was destroyed when the Tower Heart exploded in the Great Cataclysm, caused by Florian Greenheart

. You can also see the remains of the Dark Tower and Velvet's guardian statues near the group of mutated minions where Florian Greenheart is "captured" by Empire troops.
The Wastelands

The magical ooze in the Wastelands.

Regions Edit

Wastelands Rocks

Rocks 3d Model.

OL2 wasteland

Remains of the Dark Tower.

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