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Hurting your foes will heal you.

The Sword of Life-Stealing is a unique item found in Overlord: Raising Hell expansion. Each successful hit with this weapon will replenish 4% of Overlord's total health.



If we suppose that the golden Goldo in the Golden Abyss is looking north, then before you retrieve one of the sacks of gold (to manipulate the dwarven miners), re-entering the central area via the south-east rock gate, be sure to unlock the stone bridge after you passed the 'moving plants gates' on the right. On the other side of that bridge there is a switch that unlocks the steps in the dwarven miner village, north of Goldo. Revisit the village, to enter two fields with sheep, at the far end in a small cave you will find the second 'secret' mould of the abyss.

NOTE: There might be a chance that when you go back up the stairs to the teleporter, the path is blocked by bony vines. When the mold is near the vines, recall all your minions and it might open.