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Two white priests proclaim the submission of their order to the Third Overlord.

The Silent Order is an organisation in Heaven's Peak, whose Priests engage in the practice of stitching up their mouths.


A member of the Silent Order is first encountered in the Heaven's Peak Sewers, with a group with refugees. He warns the Third Overlord about nearby zombies, by moving like one of them, and mumbling.

Later, they are encountered in Heaven's Peak Temple, having hidden themselves from the zombies, and refusing to help the citizens. The Third Overlord breaks through, and attacks the mumblers and fallen knights. After they are ultimately defeated, they accept the Third Overlord as their new god.


The Silent Order has two powerful units:

  • Fallen Knight - Powerful Warrior, capable of resurrecting when defeated.


The White Priests are capable of ressurecting Fallen Knights in combat.

  • Wipe out the priests first, and deal with the knights.