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OLRH Harvesting Helmet.png
Wearing this helmet makes Harvesting more beneficial.

The Harvesting Helmet doubles the amount of Lifeforce you will harvest. It gives also +5 maximum horde size as an added bonus.

Tip: Use the helmet in the Dungeon of the Dark Tower and spawn beetles. Then, kill them and repeat a few times. You gain 150 Lifeforce per battle.



After the Overlord mowed the lawn with Sir William's 'help', keep left after the just opened gate, the mould can be found at the far end of a big field with sheep in the Heaven's Peak Abyss. There are a few wraiths milling about, and nearing the mold with have up to 6 exploding sheep charge at the Overlord and his minions.

The Armour of Fire along with the The Harvesting Helmet.