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"Bow down to the great Devourer!"Marius during the final battle with the Devourer.

The Devourer is a creature created of the pure magic that Florian Greenheart had been gathering.

Florian had been aspiring to become a god, but after he merged with the magic essence he becomes a gigantic slug-like abomination, which devoured all things in its path. Its trail leaves behind blue magic ooze, identical to the ooze in the Wastelands, which is able to mutate living beings and minions into insane zombie-like creatures.

Its primary attack is to strike out with its sucker, consuming any civilian or minion that gets in the way. When harmed the Devourer also tends to charge its target to knock them off their feet, but aside from the magical ooze it occasionally shakes off, it remains unusually docile.

The Devourer also has the ability to spawn any foe it has eaten, which includes unicorns, Empire fire archers, Empire soldiers, fire gnomes, and giant toads. Its only weaknesses are the globules on its back, which can be targeted individually but are unreachable for any close-range melee attacks. Greens and Reds are the only minions that can damage the Devourer due to the height of the globules on its back, but it has been speculated that the Overlord may harm it by attacking the globules with his Evil Presence spell.

Concept Art of the Devourer.

Since Florian created the Devourer, it can only be killed by destroying Florian when the Devouter spits him out. The Devourer was stopped by the Fourth Overlord shortly after it was created. Notable individuals it has consumed include Marius and Florian.


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