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Poor, misunderstood ladies... All they want is a little bit of love... A little bit of death!

— Gnarl.

Succubi are human-like flying demonesses ruled by the Succubus Queen.

Biology and Traits[]

They are all humanoid and female, with pink skin, dark hair and vampiric fangs. All are dressed in lingerie - namely, a black corset, garter straps and stocking, as well as a ribbon collar necklace. They have red and black draconic wings.


There are two enemy types, regular and the Queen.


They charm a single Minion and then fly at them, knocking all minions near the selected Minion away, then grabbing the Minion and flying a short distance away. The easiest way to defeat one is to wait until she selects a Minion to grab then move all the others away and send them back in when she lands to grab the Minion. If you're quick enough you can easily kill these ladies without losing a single Minion.

Succubus Queen[]

The Succubus Queen can charm multiple Minions at a time but still only takes one, so her tactics don't differ from a regular Succubus much.


  • Succubi can detect Green Minions even when they are invisible.
  • When in dungeons, if you put some minions behind the gates when the minion is charmed, you can "capture" the succubus if you are out the dungeon.
  • Blues cannot damage a Succubus, but the Succubus, after being attacked by blues will "Sleep", as in not doing anything until attacked by something harmful.
  • When charming a minion, as long as the succubus has not released it, they will still be in love with the succubus.
  • In Dark Legend Gnarl said he was thinking of a Succubus he used to know. In the game he also claims to have a girlfriend who was a Succubus and in Overlord II, after you defeat the Salamander King Gnarl once again mentions a Succubus. Gnarl seems to have a thing with Succubi.
  • Succubi count as magical and can be summoned, so it is unknown why the glorious empire did not capture a Succubus for the arena, even though highly trained legionaries can get charmed by a fairy. Succubi are too big for eradicator agents but sentinels would have subdued them before they made empire soldiers think they can fly, and make gnomes fall in love with them.