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Stench is one of the Greens and a member of an elite team of minions, in Overlord: Minions.


Stench is currently a member of the Special Forces Team and helped avert the Kindred Revival crisis along with his fellow team members.


Stench has most of the skills of a regular green minion.

He wears the typical Wrist Blades and attire of most Greens and is shown to be a skilled melee fighter.

He is able to emit a noxious poisonous gas from his mouth and after eating a fruit seed pod he is able to emit a trail flammable green gas clouds which Blaze likes to set on fire which can demolish walls and injure enemies.

Like most Greens he can walk through poisonous gasses and enter Stealth Mode. Unlike most green minions he does not need a guard marker to turn invisible and he can walk quickly without leaving stealth mode and turning visible. He can not jump onto enemies and back-stab them like most Greens can, but he more than makes up for it with his other abilities.


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