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Sparkle is the unicorn leader of the Shining Justice. He’s male (although may have a bit of a Mean Girl’s streak about him when he gets angry), speaks through telepathy, and has quite an annoying somewhat nasal voice. Sparkle is obsessive about making the world good and nice, to the point of being dictatorial about it. He was responsible for the death of the Fourth Overlord as well as the destruction of his empire.

He appears to be more intelligent and magically gifted than other Unicorns, being capable of erecting golden shields, creating illusions, teleporting and shooting beams of rainbow-coloured energy from his forehead.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Sparkle makes an appearance in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. He leads the Shining Justice as the head of the "Trio". He is the source of The Golden, which cutified all that is ugly and evil, like the Minions and other evil creatures. He produces the Golden with its dung and its supply stew made from cutified slugs.


  • He is the first main villain in the Overlord franchise to be a Unicorn.
  • In cutscenes and other artworks, he has a normal Unicorn appearance, but in-game his appearance is based on the Bloody Unicorn model from Evernight. He also wears a warhorse armour in the cutscenes and artwork, which he does not use in the game. In addition, he also lacks the beard he has in the cutscenes. Instead of his goatee, typical of Unicorns in the works of fantasy, he perpetually draws his tongue, which is not seen in cutscenes or artwork.
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