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Slugs are slimy creatures creatures that inhabit the Golden Hills.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

The Slugs[edit | edit source]

These slugs are native to Golden Hills. Most of the slugs that the player encounter's are young and therefore small. However there are also incredibly large slugs that were safe from danger in the mines of Golden Hills and grew massive. These larger slugs are capable of eating creatures and objects whole.

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They appear in Overlord and Overlord: Dark Legend.

Mother Slug[edit | edit source]

A huge slug found in the tunnels of the Arcanium Mine. She lies right in front of a slug nursery, this nursery only dries up if you defeat her.

Mutated Slugs[edit | edit source]

These blue slugs mutated during the Great Cataclysm. They are native to the Wastelands and also come in large varieties much like the slugs from previous games.

Some of the larger varieties can regenerate from remains of the magical ooze left after briefly killing them and can release ooze whilst in combat. Strangely enemies killled by the magical ooze will have a chance to spawn as a mutant slug.

The Mutated Slugs only appear in Overlord II.

Cutified Slugs[edit | edit source]

The Slugs are now domesticated by the Minions , who breed them for food, including kebabs. The Minions have several scattered farms in the Netherdeep. The Slugs are also affected by the Golden that turn green slugs into gentle creatures when the Paladins of Shining Justice remove of the Netherdeep to bring them to the surface.

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They appear in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.

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