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"I may have fallen, muck dweller, but what a ride!"
— Sir William.

Sir William was once a heroic Paladin and one of the Seven Heroes, a warrior powerful enough to contribute to the original defeat of the Second Overlord. He was later convinced by the Wizard to give up his days of protecting the weak from evil and is now interested exclusively in the pleasures of the flesh.


Prior to defeating the Second Overlord, William was known to have undertaken several holy "crusades". He also served as the Governor of Heaven's Peak, a large settlement situated on mist-covered marshlands.

Returning to his city as one of the Seven Heroes, the people of Heaven's Peak said that he was not the same as before he left. Indeed, the once pious warrior began frequenting the local taphouse and brothel. More worrying still, shortly after his return a Zombie plague began infesting the city, and Sir Willaim's knights began forcibly quarantining its citizens.

Unbeknownst to the people of Heaven's Peak, the Wizard, one of his questing companions, had convinced Sir William to stop helping others and to only care for his own pleasures. The Paladin had since grown more and more daring in his search for earthly delights. Eventually, he formed a pleasure cult called the Red Dawn, who helped him summon a Succubus Queen, with whom he cheated on against his fiancé, Velvet.

William began spending all his time hosting large parties and orgies within his keep, while his demonic lover controlled the Zombie Plague...


Velvet and Sir William's poster of marriage.

You fight William in Angelis Keep. After spotting you he is initially surprised that you are alive, then becomes angry that you have shown up without following his dress code. William will initially face you in single combat, surrounded by a circle of his cultists. When beaten he will retreat to another room where he must be fought once more, this time with his cultists assisting him. When he is finally defeated he falls to his knees in the middle of his cult and explodes into a cloud of billowing black smoke, blowing some of his followers away. This also leaves Velvet open for a new husband, as potential Overlord mistress material.

During your first encounter with William, he says "Didn't we leave you for dead in that Godforsaken Tower?". It is first assumed that he meant the Second Overlord, but it is later revealed he meant the 8th Hero (referring to the Third Overlord when he was still a hero).

Overlord: Raising Hell[]

He and his cultist followers, The Red Dawn, are punished by being set on fire in the Heaven's Peak Abyss, and the Paladin is dragged into a cleaner to clean people's belongings and do various household chores. He is ultimately defeated once again, after a foolish attempt to capture the abyss stone for himself. As of Raising hell, it can be assumed that Sir William is still trapped within that realm.

Personality and Traits[]

A statue of Sir William prior to his corruption.

Sir William represents the sin of lust. Prior to his corruption, William was a noble and just man, well-loved by the citizens of Heaven's Peak, who he ruled over as Paladin-Governor. When the 8th Hero fell during the fight against the 2nd Overlord, William expressed sadness at the loss of his ally, but nonetheless dismissed retrieving the Hero's body. Later, during a flashback conjured by the Wizard, William can be heard explaining that the Hero had "Earned his rest". He has the face of a lady's man, and has a thing for following dress code.

William utilises a staff during his battle with the Overlord, which was broken in half and claimed by one of the brown minions after his mortal demise. He also possesses magical abilities, allowing him to teleport and create shockwaves.

Prior to his corruption, William was depicted as being more heavily armoured and wielded a sword in combat. This can be seen throughout Heaven's Peak, where grand statues had been erected in his honour.

William may have possessed other holy powers, such as the resurrection ability of the White Priests, whose robes he once wore. However, as a Paladin, he would likely have lost them after falling to darkness.



  • Like all of the Seven Heroes, Sir William represents one of the seven deadly sins, in this case, lust.
  • The seven heroes are also a parody of a typical fantasy-rpg-team, with William being the Paladin.
  • From a player's perspective, he is one of the easiest bosses, as he is actually supposed to be beaten before Oberon.
  • He is one of the only heroes that have changed emotionally and not physically, asides from Jewel, Khan and Goldo.
  • He interestingly is very similar to Prince Prospero in Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death.

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