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Cedric is Sparkle’s other henchman and, as his name suggests, really wants to clean up evil in quite an OCD way. Evil, he feels, lacks efficiency. It needs to be more focused and disciplined. Evil has gotten lazy...

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil[]

Cedric is part of "The Trio", the three leaders of the Shining Justice. He is also, unusually for a Ruborian, a holy Paladin Knight. Stranger still, however, is his aversion and disgust towards touching anything he considers to be evil.

Because of this phobia, Cedric prefers to surround himself with a potent magical shield. From here, the Paladin can command his allies on the battlefield, and will only draw his sword in the most desperate of circumstances. While he is greatly skilled in the ways of warding and protection, his "hands-off" attitude has stagnated his fighting skills

When Cedric is finally hunted down by the Netherghuls, he will command a large force of Paladins and Elven Warriors from within the safety of his golden shield. Once enough of his allies have been defeated, he will grudgingly declare that he must get "hands on" with his enemies. He will then attempt to slay the Netherguls whilst dodging their attacks, only to fall after a few hits.