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Seals are creatures that live in and around Nordberg. They are also known as "fluffy rats" and "smelly furballs". Apparently, they can see into your soul and must therefore be wiped out, according to Gnarl. They are also sadistic towards fish, another reason for the minions to enjoy killing them in huge amounts.

Biology and Traits[]

Seal pups are small and covered in a white fur coat to camouflage themselves, while adults have dark fur instead. Pups congregate in large groups for protection, often backed up by adults. It appears the seals live on a diet of fish, but are mistaken by the minions to be sadistic to their food. When threatened, pups will flee, preferably into the nearest body of water.


Adult seals are sometimes found near seal pups. While they do have an attack, it is relatively weak. They might be able to take an unequipped, level one Brown down, though. Their only real strength is their high health. If you hit one hard enough, it will roll over on its back without attacking for a while.

Matte Artwork of a Seal.


  • Seal pup


  • Adult Seal