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Sandworm meets Overlord

 "These beast are extremely though, Dark One. Avoidance is the best tactic. Prolonged motion on the sand seems to agitate them." -Gnarl

There is ancient saying in Ruboria; “Only a fool walks on the sands of the Ruborian Desert”. The Ruborian Desert is home to many strange and wonderful things but it also contains many dangers but none is as dangerous as the fearsome Sandworm. Sandworms are gigantic worm-like creatures that inhabit the sands of the Ruborian Desert, they are cunning as they are ferocious and are the top predator of the Ruborian Desert.

The Sandworms are sub-terrain ambush predators hiding underneath the sand waiting until unexpected prey comes near. Able to sense the vibrations underground, they move underneath their unexpected prey and grabs them with their tentacle-like mouth. The skin of a Sandworm is so thick and well armored that it makes nearly impossible to kill them with conventional weapons, even magical spells are completely useless against these creatures. The only way to kill the beasts is from the inside out and nature provides the perfect weapon to kill these beasts, Blaster Bugs. Blaster Bugs are very volatile insects that are biochemically unstable and can explode. Feeding two or more Blaster Bugs to a Sandworm is enough to kill him.

Scattered across the Ruborian Desert lays many dozens of gigantic skeletons, these skeletons are from adult Sandworms that have died after they have mated and lay their eggs. The sandworms that are now living in the Ruborian Desert are mere infants compared to full-grown specimen. These ancient skeletons of adult Sandworms that lay scattered throughout the desert are a grim warning how big these Sandworms can grow.