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This is a concept with better quality, which shows the Sanctuary Depths.

Sanctuaries, art.

A Sanctuary is a cavern or place that houses magical creatures. Sanctuaries were started by elves in response to the magical xenophobia caused by The Cataclysm. The elves gathered as many magical creatures as they could find and hid them from the empire, and the eradicators, in the sanctuary caverns.


Sanctuaries are located beneath different regions in huge caverns filled with all manner of creatures. The sanctuaries are generally lush and forested, orchids and willows are common plants. The upper reaches are generally reserved for platforms and ramps containing elven dwellings. The lower caverns are usually covered by forests, sparkling pools of water, and other idyllic landscapes. The lower portions act as habitats to the "pretty creatures" the elves are so overly fond of.


Known Sanctuaries[]