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The Overlord battles the Salamander King.

The Salamander King is the king of the Salamanders in the Wasteland Sanctuary Depths. He takes the Tower Heart and places it in his enormous mouth. Defeating him makes Salamanders friendly, and allows Reds to use them as mounts. One of your minions can take his head and use it as a helmet, giving the minion the title of Dragon Champion, forthwith.

His body structure is similar to normal salamanders, but it also seems to closely resemble a T-Rex. This is due to the fact that the king walks on two large hind legs, unlike the other salamanders who walk on all fours. Another feature that makes him resemble a T-Rex is that he has small arms, and unlike normal salamanders with small yellow spines he has longer ones that resemble thick spikes.


The Salamander King's Head, with the Tower Heart in it's mouth.

The Salamander King will join battle. Use the nearby pit to get out of there and watch out for the rolling opponent. Pass the lake - the Salamander King is keen on attacking you but he will fall into water. Chose this moment to hurt him. After the king has got out of the water he will go forward. Follow him. You'll get to something like a track for the salamanders. You'll find the button associated with the nearby bridge. Push it and the bridge will be in good condition. The Salamander King will try to destroy it by rolling so be careful. Pass the bridge and command your Reds to go downstairs and get to the next button which is associated with another bridge. The further way leads to the bridge over the water. Push the button. You'll be able to pass the bridge then. Pass it and observe the Salamander King - the enemy will fall into the nearby bay. Punch him as long as you can (till he escapes). Go to the next part of the level afterwards. You'll get to another teleport. Go further. Follow the narrow path. Get to the next part of the level and watch out for the rolling Salamander King. You'll find some Minions spawning pits. Call for some Blues. Go forward minding the opponent. You'll find the descent leading to the water - send the blue Minions to get into the water and destroy the platform. The Salamander King will roll over it. Your enemy will fall into the water and you'll gain the opportunity to eliminate him. After the king has fallen apart, crush his head to retrieve the Towerheart and gain the access to some smaller salamanders.

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