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Salamanders are creatures that live in the Wasteland Sanctuary Depths. Reds can ride them as mounts.

Salamander Mounts,in Empire City,near the Imperial Palace.

Biology and Traits[]

Salamanders are reptilian creatures that have red scales, claws, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. They also have hard shells that protect them from damage when they are rolling around. When a salamander is killed, it will turn into a bomb that will blow away any minions that are within the radius of the explosion. Salamanders are able to roll across ramps in order to get something that the Overlord or others can not get, since ramps act like plain floors for Salamanders. Salamanders also allow Reds to attack enemies while rolling, this grants the red minions a certain degree of invulnerability, as long as they keep moving while on the Salamander.

Salamanders also seem to have a level of intelligence, as they can be heard talking when first fought.

Salamander Mounts with Reds.


  • Salamander mount