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Ruborian Fighter Concept Art

Ruborians are the natives of the Ruborian desert. They are known as warriors and raiders, but also have less violent jobs.

They are typically dressed in black and wield swords. These people also whisper, although what they are actually saying is unknown.

They most likely have an appearance of dark/black skin and stand taller than most other humans in game.

They are typically skilled warriors, being both deadly with their finely crafted blades and highly agile. Examples can be found as early on as Castle Spree, where Ruborian raiders fight against the Overlord. We later come to learn that the raiders were of the band lead by Jewel, the thief.

Notable Ruborians[]

Archie: The tavernkeep in Spree, proprietor of The Happy Mule, and one of the rebels in Spree.

Kahn: The warrior hero. He represents wrath. Devoted to Jewel. Known for attacking Spree and Heaven's Peak after Jewel is captured.

Jewel: The thief hero. She represents envy. She's the leader of the Ruborian raiders that the Overlord battles in Castle Spree and throughout the Ruborian desert.

Inferna: A Netherghul who in her past life was a Ruborian. She has a particularly strong affinity with fire, including the ability to control it.