''Rose (...) is the practical face of evil; her role in an evil empire would be organizing things—making sure everything gets done — right down to checking the temperature of the lava pool and sweeping up the entrails after a torture session. She's a bit like a twisted Mary Poppins."Rhianna Pratchett explaining Rose's character and personality.

Rose is the first mistress encountered in Overlord.

History Edit

Rose was born to the Wizard and is the older sister of Velvet. She also seemed to be the Lady of Castle Spree, before it fell on siege.

Just Run

Rose, and the imprisoned peasants, running to Castle Spree's Store Room.

Rose 3d Model

Rose 3d Model.

Overlord Edit

While helping refugees of the Plague in Heaven's Peak, Castle Spree came under attack by bandits, led by someone who seemed to be Kahn and Jewel,. She was saved by the Third Overlord, who drove the bandits from the castle, and afterwards, she joined him to be his mistress.

When the Third Overlord went to Heaven's Peak to investigate the plague, Rose discovered that the woman to be married to Sir William the Black was her sister, Velvet. Initially she attempted to hide this detail, but eventually came clean when the Overlord stopped the plague by killing the source, the Succubus Queen. She holds much disdain for her younger sibling, looking down on her as a spoilt, materialistic brat too used to getting what she wants. After defeating Sir William, the Overlord deals with the mistresses, choosing either Velvet or Rose as his mistress.

After the Overlord has defeated six of the heroes, the Wizard appears at the Dark Tower and reveals himself as the Second Overlord. She or Velvet come to the Wizard's Aid. As the Second Overlord drains the third of his spells,Rose\Velvet damages the Tower Heart, giving the current Overlord the fighting chance he needed to defeat his predecessor.

Months later, after the Abyss crisis in Overlord: Raising Hell, if the Overlord chose Rose she will be revealed to be pregnant with the Third Overlord's child.

Interlude Edit

After the events of Overlord: Raising Hell, in either case, Rose left the Dark Tower. Canonically, this was because she was pregnant with the Third Overlord's child, and, according to Gnarl, declared that a "Dark Tower was no place to raise a baby". This allowed Florian Greenheart to attempt to steal the Tower Heart, damaging it in the process. (Whether or not Rose assisted Florian in his attempt to steal the Tower Heart is unknown). This resulted in the Great Cataclysm, destroying and warping the surrounding lands of the Dark Tower, spreading a magical plague and general disorder. 

At some point after this, Rose left the Overlord at Nordberg. Per dialogue in Overlord II, this was because she knew how strong he could become if he was allowed to become the Overlord, and wanted the Glorious Empire to have a chance to grow. Rose assisted Florian in his rise to power and the founding of his Glorious Empire, where he would take the identity of Emperor Solarius. Rose may have hoped that Florian would bring order to the world in the absence of the Third Overlord, who still remained trapped within the Infernal Abyss. She later married Marius, Solarius' right-hand man and spokesperson.

Overlord II Edit

After several years, the Overlord was found by the minions and taken to the Netherworld, until he was old enough to take the throne as Overlord. In the meanwhile the Glorious Empire grew prosperous with the help of Rose. After the Fourth Overlord conquered the cities of Nordberg and Everlight, Rose went to visit the Fourth Overlord and warned him of the dangers of treading the path of an Overlord, but told him to defeat the Glorious Empire and that the answers he sought were in the 'old lands', now reduced to a mess of wastelands. In the final battle at the Empire City, Rose changed sides and supported the Overlord and told him to destroy Solarius and the Great Devourer. In the end, she is seen flanked by two sentinels.

Dark Tower Upgrades Edit

Rose Sentinels HD

Rose, surrounded by two hooded humans.

Rose's tower upgrades are different from Velvet's.

Starter kit[1] Upgrade Kit[2]
Tower Upgrade Cost Tower Upgrade Cost
Rag Banner 10 Botanical Garden 3000
Minion Banner 10 Rose Vases 750
Overlord Banner 10 Girl Statues 750
Triumph Banner 10 Brown Minion upgrade 0
Evil Eye Banner 10 Blue minion upgrade 5000
Buttress Spikes 500 White Marble Walkway 1500
Crown Top 500 Greater Imperial Throne 2000
Fire Bowl 500 Golden Chimera Statues 2000
Red Carpet 500 Grand Fire Bowl 1500
Imperial Throne 750 Golden Guardian Statues 1500
Guardian Statues 500 Greater Crown Top 1500
Chimera Statues 750
Total gold: 23500
  1. The starter kit is available right after Castle Spree. Do not spend gold at that moment if you plan on getting Velvet.
  2. You get the upgrade kit after the Mistress choice in Heaven's Peak.

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A happy ending?

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rose does not like things to be disorganized and is more proper woman compared to her spoiled sister Velvet,though this hides a more treacherous, arrogant and childish attitude, believing that she's the 'intelligent' choice between her and her sister and to be better, it is shown to be easily manipulated, because if the player dumps her for Velvet, she will believe that the possessed Wizard is still her father. As of Overlord II she develops a belief in Order over good & evil and a cycle of balance, where when one gets too strong another must rise to defeat it, with Solarius being the 'good' (although the story proves otherwise, with Florian being the one to exterminate every magic creature in order to be worshipped as a deity and the Fourth Overlord being the guy who stops him) to be defeated while the Overlad must be the 'Evil' to restore the balance, eventually to be slain.

Quotations Edit


  • "Your little creatures are just darlings aren't they. I'm Rose." — First encounter with Rose at Castle Spree.
  • "I thought you were just the usual run-of-the-mill dungeon fodder, but you've surprised me! I think someone like you could use someone like me. Let's go!" — Rose takes charge right from the start.
  • "I'd better get up there, wouldn't want those little dears eating my things and getting a tummy ache." — Private Quarters have been set up at the Dark Tower, and Rose's luggage has been brought up.
  • "Those little Cherubs of yours, they're precious aren't they?" — Small talk in the Private Quarters.
  • "And I thought you had a brain somewhere beneath that armor!" — Rose is undignified about getting dumped for Velvet.
  • 'I'm going to help my father bringing order to the world'  if Rose was dumped,she will say this when you approach her in the Spawning Pit during the Second Overlord's return to the Dark Tower

Overlord II:

  • "I hope you don't expect me in clean this up. Men... can't destroy without getting everything all messy!" — Rose's reaction to the Overlad destroying the Devourer. She still hates disorder.

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  • Rhianna Pratchett, the writer of Overlord, Overlord II, Overlord: Dark Legend and Overlord: Minions has stated that Rose is akin to an evil Mary Poppins.[1]
  • If the player picked Velvet over Rose as their mistress and talks to her before fighting the Second Overlord near the end of the main story of the game, she will state that, while Velvet knows how evil should look, she herself knows how evil should work.

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