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Rollick is the chef of Castle Gromgard and the celebrated author of "1001 things to do with Pumpkins". He spends most of his time in the kitchen where he tries to whip up meals for the castle inhabitants, doing his best with the few ingredients left after the failed harvests.

He had known the young Lord since he was born and took pity on the boy, especially during his first sixteen years of life, before being crowned Overlord. He is very loyal to the Gromgard family and puts up with the incessant demands of the Gromgard twins.

Rollick is the one who gives young Lord Gromgard the gauntlet (apparently under the orders of The Black Baron, who ordered him to deliver it to the boy on his 16th birthday before his death), which leads the young lord to become the new Overlord.

Rollick doesn't seem to mind the young Overlord is evil, but rather encourages it, preferring an evil rule like The Black Baron's over the current one. He is also one of the two providers of sub-quests in the game.

Rollick seems to be rather fond of pumpkins, to the point Gnarl notes he's most likely "doing things to a pumpkin" when it comes time to look for him after the Halfling Uprising.