The Rock Giant Mutant is a cut boss from overlord 2, it should have replaced the Giant Slug fight in the Dark Tower's Top Ruin area, its character file can still be found in the Resources Folder of Overlord 2

Game playEdit

it was probably the same enemy as the rock giant from Overlord 1, but with blue cracks for the ooze corruption and possible ooze attacks

it is further implied that was the final boss in the wasteland,since the fight with the giant slug is bugged,and the giant slug just disappears leaving a pool of ooze after death with no animations ,and sometimes reappears to be fought again,and this proofs that was supposed to have another death trigger scene(the Death of a rock giant) to have the release of the tower heart shard

this boss implies that the area around the tower was golden hills,because of the slugs presence and the rock giants were only found in the Golden Hills

Possible Reasons for being CutEdit

  • A Dead-line(most probably this,confirmed by the cut-but still half-finished arena present in the game files ,several other half-cut boss battles and tons of unused dialogue) that forced the devs to remove this boss from the game
  • Problems in game play mechanics
  • Budget Restrictions
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