Rock Giant Guardian

A Rock Giant,near the Glittering Mine.

Rock Giant-3

A Rock Giant-their brute strenght and size are nearly unbeatable.

Rock Giants are big and hardy, so it is advised
Chased by a Lava Giant and a Dwarven Warrior

These Browns are chased by Rock Giant and a Dwarf Warrior.

not mess with them. Since their skin is so thick it is not smart to try a direct confrontation. Instead, a smart mix of minions (greens are a great candidate to use here) can destroy a rock giant.

Overlord Edit

The first Rock Giant is found near the Glittering mine in Golden Hills. It must be slain in order to gain access to the mine. Also the Rock Giants are one of the monsters that will spawn in the dungeon. In this case there will be five of them at once. 

Overlord: Dark Legend Edit

Rock Giant

A Boss Battle-Massive Rock Giant In The Skull Canyons.

At the end of the Skull Canyon you will find a imprisoned Rock Giant. After you have freed him, he will kill all the Bandits in the area. But then you need to kill him with your minions, so that he forms a bridge to the gate.

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