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Ricket is a female Minion and the main blacksmith of the Minions. She’s youngish (about early twenties in Minion terms) and less craggy than the male Minions. She has hair (unlike male Minions), steam-punk-y goggles, a leather smith’s apron and a large hammer. She’s fairly cheerful and friendly, but doesn’t take any nonsense from the other Minions (hence the hammer.) The color of her skin suggests that she is part of the Greens.


  • She is the first Minion in the Overlord franchise to be a female.
  • Ricket seems to have taken Giblet's role in Overlord Fellowship of Evil.
  • She has enormous respect for Gnarl, whom she calls "Mr. Gnarl" and a strange fascination with Zombies.
  • She seems to be a Brown, although her color in the concept art is green and not brown.
  • Her info says that she's a brown minion, but if you were to look closer her skin is green. This could be a sign of cross race between a brown and green minion. As Browns take the forge (hence her taking Giblet´s role) and her facial features from the greens. This is unknown