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"It's risen up! The Phoenix! Risen from the ashes of the Last Sanctuary. We saw it burn across the land , scorch through the earth into your domain! You must face it in combat or it will set fire to the world!" — An outcast from the wastelands

The Phoenix is an enemy encountered during the Overlord II DLC, the Battle Rock. It only appears after the Overlord has taken Queen Fay as a Mistress and destroyed the Wasteland Sanctuary.


According to the outcast that came to warn the Overlord, the Phoenix befits its mythological traits in that it is capable of resurrecting itself from the ashes caused by its death, explaining how it returns for each successive round of the fight against it.

Curiously, it demonstrates two abilities atypical of the mythical phoenix: the ability to breath a stream of fire as well as to lay eggs that spawn Gnomes. This is likely a result of the Phoenix being said to emerge in the Wasteland, a place already known to birth unnatural horrors, before burning a tunnel down into the Netherworld.

It appears as a massive avian creature covered in feathers that appear to be constantly ablaze.


Phoenix 1.png

The Phoenix - Round 1[]

The attack pattern Is pretty simple. Hit the Phoeniz once when it is on the floor and chasing the Overlord, and move out the way. It will cast a shockwave and land on the perch in the middle. Use Greens to attack the back, not the front. It will then try to fly and fall to the ground. Attack it. Repeat this until it is dead.

The Phoenix - Round 2[]

In this round the Phoenix has a new attack. You must hit it once every time he is on the ground, and move out the way. Instead of directing the Greens, just move as far as you can to the centre of the battlefield, since it will fly around breathing fire. The Phoenix will now land on the perch, so send the Greens to attack it again until it falls to the ground, then send all Minions to attack it while helping with your own attacks.

The Phoenix - Round 3[]

The final round gives the Phoenix yet another new move: when it returns to the air, the Phoenix will start to drop eggs that spawn several Fire Gnomes. Sweep the Minions on them to kill them as well as utilize the Minion Spell to regain any lost health big or small. Send the Greens, and attack the Phoenix once it lands on the perch again, then attack in full force once it is in the ground. The Gnomes are the difficult part of this battle, and can easily whittle down the Overlord's health for the Phoenix to deal a fatal blow, so get rid of them as quick as possible.



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