OL2 Landscape Art Nordberg

Nordberg, art.

In Nordhaven the Overlord discovers a ship that can cross the sea to Everlight.

However you will need to fire up some tar pits to free the ship from the ice. But when the ship is still stuck in the ice, around the harbour, you can choose between domination and destruction. If you choose the destruction path you must destroy the last tar pit behind the little harbour town. If you choose the domination path you must subdue some villagers.

In the aftermath of lighting the tar pits Nordhaven becomes the centre of an ecological disaster as the tar pits continue to burn indefinitely causing global warming. If the player returns to Nordhaven at any point during the game it has been turned into an Apocalyptic sight with fires burning furiously all over the land and the skies have turned red, with everything bathed in ominous reddish light. Re-entering the village of Nordhaven becomes impossible no matter which alignment path you choose.

  • The ice fiords of Nordhaven.
  • The snowy village of Nordhaven.
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