Nordberg Landscape Art

Nordberg Landscape Art.

Nordbergians are an ethnic group of humans native to the cold nordic region of Nordberg. They are renown hunters and seal farmers, but they are definitely not good warriors.

Nordbergians tend to have pale, weather-beaten skin and red or blond hair, though darker hair colours such as black and brown are not rare amongst them. They also tend to cultivate large, wild beards, which are very useful for protecting theirs faces from the icy winds of their cold native land.

Most Nordbergians are located in the icy town of Nordberg, the first city closest to the tower lands free from the effects of the Magical Plague. The citizens are extremely passive and unable to fight back and can be easily enslaved by using the Evil Presence spell. Also, they drop equipment, which the minions can pick up later, such as gloves, pitchforks, shovels and hats. They sometimes are seen hiding in houses.

If enslaved they will work costantly to forge equipment for the minions, dig gold or grow seals to harvest lifeforce

Note: There are two peasants per house.

Notable NordbergiansEdit

  • Kelda - former handmaid of the imperial governor Borius, who later became the first one of the Fourth Overlord's mistresses.
  • Nev - is a drunken nordbergian man who guards the entrance to the Midwinter Party.

Quotes Edit

  • We knew that you were one of us, Sire!
  • Borius is funnier now, especially when we throw fireworks at him!
  • I am a pawn of your evil plan! ( when Enslaved)
  • I'll protect you!(When under the evil Presence spell)
  • Sophisticated food, parties, nah .. I prefer snow, ice and fried baby seals!
  • I've heard that the spider infestation in Everlight has been think that it was him?
  • Nordberg needs you!( when Enslaved)
  • Treasure, sire! (Spotting an upgrade if enslaved)

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