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The Nordberg Sanctuary is a Sanctuary cavern that lies beneath Nordberg. It is the first and smallest sanctuary encountered in Overlord II and contains many magical creatures and artefacts. This is also the first place that the Overlord meets Queen Fay.


The Nordberg Sanctuary is warm despite it is frigid location. It consists of the elven dwellings suspended from the roof and the forested caverns beneath them. The Reds were once held captive in

Elves in the Nordberg Sanctuary.

one of the lower chambers.


The Overlord enters the Sanctuary in order to obtain his red minions, their hive and whatever other magical artifacts the elves had in their possession. The Overlord obtains the Reds and their hive, the Evil Presence spell that the empire troops carelessly left behind, and an elven harp. The Overlord also made off with the Spellstone that protected the Sanctuary, angering Queen Fay, who in response, proceeded to magically cause rocks to fall in an attempt to crush the Overlord.

Nordberg Sanctuary Map.

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