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Nordberg Town[]

Nordberg Landscape Art.

Nordberg Early Landscape Art.

Nordberg is a cold and icy European country. The adventure of the Fourth Overlord begins here. The town itself revolves around the town square, an open area outside the town hall, but houses can still be seen much further away from this location. Lots of objectives take place here so the player can quite easily start to memorise the locations of certain buildings, objects, etc. in the region. The Overlord's childhood is spent here until he is driven away by the Glorious Empire and later becomes the Fourth Overlord.


Behind the scenes[]

  • Nordberg's Hunting Grounds are inspired by the North Pole
  • Nordberg Town is inspired by north snowy mountain villages.

Nordberg, art.

References and Notes[]

  • During the "Conquer Nordberg" quest, when the doors blocking entry are destroyed, the text displays "You've blown the bloody doors off", this is a reference to "The Italian Job", specifically the line "You were only supposed to BLOW the BLOODY DOORS off!"
  • Nordbergians can be called so due to the Nordic regions of Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, upon which Nordberg is based on.
  • When you first encounter the empire and they demands the Nordberg's magic could actually be detecting the red minions but the because the first sanctuary is so close to Nordberg town, this could have caused the sentinels signals to instead detect the town.