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The Mellow Hills Abyss is the Mellow Hills' version of Hell. It can be accessed after you defeat Melvin and reclaim the Red Hive, provided that you have Overlord: Raising Hell installed.

The Mellow Hills Abyss.


This is the first Abyss that the player visits, it's like an "evil" replica of the Mellow Hills, mainly looking

Mellow Hills Abyss.

volcanic(Like all the other abysses), it consists of a long path passing through red grasses and areas where trapped peasants are put to slavery leading up to a design similar to the Halfling Homes where Melvin is being tortured.

The "Passage to Heaven".


After being informed by Gnarl that there is a "Dark Energy" on the Mellow Hills, the Overlord goes there and he comes

The supposed "Passage to Heaven".

across a group of peasants staring at a Heaven-Like gate claiming that it's a passage to Heaven and that they have found a way to escape the Overlord.

As they enter followed by the Overlord, one peasant falls on a painted wall of a possible "Gate to Heaven" revealing a hellish realm full of fire, smoke and torture. As the Overlord progresses through he encounters the Wraiths, soldiers of the Abyss and devoted servants of the Ruler of the Abyss. In the abyss,are also encountered evil pumpkins. At some point he comes across Bob the farmer seconds before being captured by halflings, after destroying a Mother Pumpkin he ends up in a Halfling Home-like area where he encounters the dead soul of Melvin Underbelly being tortured by forced to eat plates of food and then exploding, thus repeating the same process endlessly.

The Overlord used Melvin as a walking bomb to blow up obstacles(Even using him as a golf ball) until he reached a closed gate that had a broken lever where he had to do some short of puzzle by using Melvin as ball to wreck four stone walls that contained parts of the broken lever, after fixing the lever and crossing through he saw Melvin rolling and falling into a pit where he would begin his eternal diet. After a long path down he comes across an Abyss Stone which is said to give rulership of the abyss to the one who owns it, as he tries to steal the Abyss Stone, a large group of angry peasants try to prevent him from stealing it by attempting to destroy it, only to end up becoming backed by the Overlord and his minions. The Overlord manages to steal the Abyss Stone thus making him the ruler of this abyss.

Melvin Underbelly,fighting in the Mellow Hills Abyss.


  • Here you will also find the unique Mold for the Axe of Confusion near a second Mother Pumpkin.
  • At the area where you have to use Melvin as a golf ball, you will encounter a group of Wraiths that play golf.