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Malady was abandoned as a baby on the steps of an over-crowded bakery-come-orphanage run by the Ladies of the Blessed Beard – it was meant to be bread, but the sign carver was having a bad day. Whilst maintaining a veil of respectability on the surface these ladies (who used the orphans to man the huge bread ovens, knead the dough and sell the bread) were thoroughly unpleasant characters and brutal disciplinarians who would often beat and starve the children. Malady eventually escaped the orphanage when she was eight, but not before burning down the staff quarters, with the ‘Ladies’ inside – the first deaths wrought by Malady, and certainly not the last.

Malady escaped the city to the countryside and there was taken as an apprentice by Grimora, an elderly necromancer sorceress who lived in an old castle. There Malady learned all about the ways of necro-magic and the power of death itself. In fact she went on to prefer the company of the dead to the living. They are so much quieter and easier to control. Unfortunately, not everyone likes necromancers as neighbours and both the old sorceress and her ward were viewed with fear and suspicion by the neighbours who often accused them of every crime committed in the local area. In fairness they’d only committed about 50% of them at best.

This culminated with the local do-gooding paladins of the Shining Justice both arming up and riling up the local peasantry and causing them to storm the Necromancers’ castle. Grimora and Malady fought back, using all their known spells, but Grimora was killed by the rabble. Malady was horrified and fled to the darkest depths of the castle where she conjured up a terrible dark curse in revenge. She extinguished her own life and sent a wave of dark energy flooding through the ruins killing all the intruders.


  • Malady typically means a disease or ailment.
  • She along with Inferna are the first playable female humans in the Overlord franchise.


Name Description Function
Stolen Pauper's Wand Taken from a trainee magician. She does children's parties. Starter Weapon.
Lightning Bolt Don't drop it in the bath! That'd be shocking. Chance to shock enemies with each hit.
Venomous Iron Bar Dipped in poison. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe for a Netherghul - you're already dead! Chance to poison enemies with each hit.
Conductor's Baton The minion orchestra may not have worked out too well, but at least we got this! Grants a boost to both health and regular damage.
Crystal Shard Taken from a small elf-like creature. The other minions seem quite attached to it. Gain a random minion cube every few seconds.
Flaming Fork Was originally used in the minion kitchen. Drenched with the blood of a thousand pandas. Chance to set enemies on fire with each hit.
Vampiric Wand Taken from the grave of a notorious vampire. Chance to steal health from enemies with each hit.
Broken Sword of an ancient Overlord As a Netherghul, you are too weak to wield it properly, but it will grant you a constant supply of minions. Constant supply of minion cubes - vastly reduced strength.