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Magic is a blanket term for supernatural abilities powered by energy referred to as Mana. The Overlord, The WizardFay, Elves, and the known gods are the most prevalent examples of magic-using entities.


Magic and Mana can be used to cast Spells, , to perform rituals and the like.


Spell craft[]

Ritual magic[]


Mutation and other biological magic[]


Creature Creation, Summoning and Binding[]

Magical technology[]


There are both good and evil flavors of magic in The World. The Overlord can use if for good or evil, while Fay, the Wizard (before his possession), and the Elves are known for using it to do good.

Magic Creatures[]

Unaligned Magical Creatures[]

Light Magical Creatures[]

Light magic creatures are creatures that are magical but created by magic with good power and who themselves use magic for a good purpose.

Dark Magical Creatures[]

Dark magic creatures are creatures that are magical but use it for an evil purpose unlike light magical creatures who are created with good power. Dark magic affects the behaviour of creatures who wield it. When light and dark magic are fused together then the twisted magic the great cataclysm has is the result. Apparently dark magic traits do take over but light magic might be what contaminates dark magic and the magic alone contaminates non magical creatures.

Creatures created by another dark magic creature, summoned or brung to life count as dark magic as dark magic can do stuff on their own unlike light magic which works together. Dark magic can twist the mind of creatures like in Evernight the skulls corrupted the unicorns that could heal but instead eat the blood of creatures so dark magic appears to be more powerful as dark magic corrupts. Dark magic also twists the appearance of a creature like the third overlord becoming a shadow when he is corrupted and the unicorns don't have straight horns, mutated minions grow in size and do look like mutated reds even if they are not reds. Dark magic is in competition with everything and can even make non magical creatures or objects fall under its effects, for instance in the temple of the mother goddess there was boulder beasts and the presence of an overseer might have transformed the rocks into beasts. Overseers are dark magic so they corrupted the boulder beasts to become magical and dark magic and a creature. Another example is when a red priest angered the succubus queen in Heaven's Peak despite not being magical the red priest fell under the succubi's spell and the priest who was charmed was a female and if she was a lesbian she would have found another girl. Another example that does not involve demons is in Evernight the skull stags corrupt the forest and they are the reason that the skulls exist (or have rats and boars) and that unicorns and trolls are corrupted.


The Glorious Empire[]