Nordberg Girl

A concept for Kelda,as a child.

"Ah Kelda, I approve of a woman that likes a bit of bloodshed! And even more of one that can cause it!" — Gnarl

Kelda' is a human female, who becomes one of the Fourth Overlord's mistresses after he conquers Nordberg in Overlord II.


Overlord II

Kelda Child

Kelda as a child,in one of Nordberg's Towers.

OL2 kchild

Kelda as a child.

Kelda is the childhood friend of the Overlord. She assisted him in exacting revenge on the other children of Nordberg, and demonstrated a crush on him very early on. She seems to have ended up as Borius' slave in the young Overlord's absence. When the Overlord

The Fourth Overlord and Mistress Kelda.

returns to his hometown, Kelda gladly becomes the Overlord's first mistress.

Comparing concept art from the actual game caracter.

She is like Rose for the original Overlord, in that she is your default mistress, but you can still get a perfect domination end even if you choose another mistress over her. If you choose to have her as the First Mistress during the invasion of Empire City, she will provide you with wolves for your Browns to ride.
Kelda Concept Artwork

Concept Artwork of Kelda.

Netherworld Tower Upgrades

Tower Upgrade OL2 Icon Treasure Gold
Kelda Banners 100
Kelda Candles 250
Kelda Rugs & Curtains 250
Kelda Bed 500
Kelda Minion Alcoves 500
Kelda Wolf Rider Statues 500
Kelda Fur Throne 1000

Personality and Traits

Kelda CG Model

A CG Model for Mistress Kelda

When Kelda still lived in Nordberg, she was a frequent huntress and often brags about it. She also often looks down upon the other mistresses, because she thinks they are too stuck up, and consider her a servant more than anything else. Of all the mistresses, Kelda is apparently the only one that actually cares about the Overlord as a person. She has little love for her hometown, despising the villagers for their treatment of the Witch-Boy and of her memories of being Borius' servant.


  • "I'd love to out there on the battlefield with you, Sire. But Gnarl's very protective!"
  • "Did I ever show you my hunting scars? Come in Witch-boy, I think it's time we got reacquainted." — Romance small talk à la Kelda.
  • "Hmm, do you think there's something around here I can hunt. How fast does Gnarl run?" — Poor old Gnarl.
  • "Oh, don't worry I'm sure there'll be plenty of haughty, smug harpies there to make up for your absence!" — Kelda's reaction to Juno's comment that she misses visiting the Arena.
  • "That Juno doesn't look very tough. She looks like a hair puller!" — Kelda as First Mistress disapproving of Juno.
  • "Gnarl keeps giving me these funny looks and winking! It's very disconcerting." — Gnarl not only likes Juno, but also Kelda it seems.
  • "I should take some of your minions hunting, I reckon they'd be great retrievers.Or get them to dress up in deer skin and run really fast! — Kelda in the throne room.

Behind the scenes

She is voiced by Sarah Hadland.

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