Kahn, the Warrior or simply just Kahn was part of a group of heroes that defeated the Second Overlord. He represents the sin of wrath.


Kahn is one of the Seven Heroes that killed the second Overlord. The Wizard nurtures Kahn's insecurities, especially his relationship with Jewel, and causes him to develop uncontrollable anger issues and quarrels if unhappy. Kahn does not return to his homeland but hides with Jewel in the Ruborian Desert to assist her with his beholders and marauders.


He becomes enraged when he learns that Jewel has been captured and leads an assault on the village of Spree, killing numerous Spree Villagers and 'convincing' the survivors to praise him. When the Overlord arrives in Spree, Kahn moves on to Heaven's Peak and begins another assault, ravaging the city and again killing most of the citizens. He is encountered in Heaven's Peak and is the 6th of the Seven Heroes you must fight. After being fought and weakened three times throughout the city he attempts a final stand. Upon his defeat, he collapses to the ground and explodes.

Overlord: Raising Hell

He is punished in the Infernal Abyss of the Ruborian Desert by being partly molded into a wall. He is later defeated because of a Wraith Shock Trooper charging and blowing him into pieces. After being blown apart, the only body part he is left with is his talking head and he comically asks the Overlord if Jewel will still like him.

Personality and Traits

Representing the sin of wrath, Kahn is quick to anger and is very protective of Jewel, which at times annoys her. He cares only about protecting Jewel and destroying anything that angers him. He, like Jewel, commands his own group of Ruborian Raiders and has control over Beholders. Kahn is a massive giant, encumbered by a large suit of black, crude and rigid armor. He wields a large black flail with which he obliterates massive groups of enemies.



  • Like all of the seven heroes, he represents one of the seven deadly sins, in this case wrath.
  • Khan's sin, wrath, and his name, is an obvious reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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