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A Jester is a person who provides some kind of entertainment. The Overlord Series sports several jesters.

Jester to the First Overlord[]

The First Overlord, also known as Lord Gromgard actually had two jesters:

  • Jinks a halfling jester, who snapped after years of abuse, to attack the castle with a pumpkin throwing machine, forcing the Overlord to destroy the halfling.

Jester to the Second Overlord[]

This in all likelihood is the same "Jester", and he holds the Second Overlord in high regard.

Jester to the Third Overlord[]

Jester in Overlord is now the Third Overlord's jester, probably also severing both of the Overlord predecessors. Jester should be quite old for a minion by now. Having lived through so much, has made him doubt current Overlord, though. Was smashed together with a wall by Forgotten God during the last boss fight in the Infernal Abyss.

Quaver — Jester of the Fourth Overlord[]

Quaver is the Fourth Overlord's jester and appears only in Overlord II. He is more sophisticated and more loyal to the Overlord than the previous jester.