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The Infernal Abyss is the Ruborian Desert's version of Hell. It can only be accessed after the player has defeated The Wizard and captured all the Abyss Stones from the other four Abysses.

Dancing Wraiths?

The Infernal Abyss.


The first part of the Infernal Abyss is a barren and burned wasteland full of massive skeletons similar to the Ruborian Desert. The second part is a huge, dark maze full of imprisoned peasants and abyss plants that block the passage and they open up when a chained peasant is set on fire. It's also the place where Kahn is being tortured. The third and final part of the Infernal Abyss is The Forgotten God's Lair.


Infernal Abyss Gate.

In the outskirts of the Infernal Abyss, the Third Overlord fought a massive horde of Wraiths and, after he defeated them, he proceeded deeper and entered into a dark Maze where, at its end, he encountered Kahn, or what was left of him, pilled up in a wall. After using a Shock Trooper to ram through Kahn and turning him into pieces, he found the Forgotten God's dwelling place, which required him to lit up a group of chained peasants with some switches in order to open the gate and face The Forgotten God inside his lair.

The Forgotten God's Temple.

Entrance to The Forgotten God's lair.

It was first ruled by The Forgotten God after his banishment from the normal world by the Mother Goddess.

During the events of Overlord: Raising Hell, the Third Overlord defeated The Forgotten God and became the new ruler and possibly God of the Abyss.

Behind the Scenes[]

It is possible that the Infernal Abyss is loosely based on Dante's Inferno.


  • Unlike the other four abysses, there is no unique Mold to be found in this abyss.
  • Outside the Forgotten God's lair, there is a furnace where you can burn peasants which respawn, making it an infinite source of lifeforce.


Entrance to the Maze.

Inside the Maze.

Kahn's Remains