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The Understreets of Heaven's Peak.

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the Understreets of Heaven's Peak is a complex and very large sewer system and was an emergency escape route from the city, until the plague struck, after which the understreets were heavily infested with zombies, explaining why very few citizens of Heaven's Peak made out alive.

aside from the zombies, a Sea Monster inhabits the last part of the sewer as well as blue, brown and red beetles. the Silent Order here seemed to have tried to contain the victims of the plague as demonstrated by the wooden barriers, but fell before it and were transformed into zombies. There's a camp near the last fragment of the sewers, with the last remaining group of refugees and priests that escape after the third overlord has cleared the way. Near the exit there's a fire barrier leading to the second level of the understreets,which contains the Durium Smelter


  1. Zombies & Zombie Lords(don't respawn after being killed)
  2. boombo Birds
  3. Beatles
  4. Sea Monster (doesn't respawn once killed)


  1. Citizines
  2. Silent Order Priests

Tower Objects[]

  1. X 3 Gold Bags
  2. Confusion Spell