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The Heaven's Peak Abyss is Heaven's Peak's version of Hell, it can become accessable after you have defeated Sir William and captured the Abyss Stone from the Mellow Hills Abyss.


One part of this abyss is designed to look like a brothel, and the other part looks like

Overlord 2011-04-21 12-08-29-69.jpg
Heaven's Peak Abyss.
the entire Heaven's Peak city is turned upside down.


Overlord 2011-04-21 12-04-27-67.jpg
Heaven's Peak Abyss Gate.

The women of Heaven's Peak have been entering through the Abyss gate and dominated the Abyss where Sir William the Black is being constantly burnt with the rest of his cult. To appease the women, the Overlord used Sir William to power humiliating pedal-operated devices for domestic tasks like washing the floor and cutting grass. After reaching the women, they were eventually returned to the normal world after a long battle with them as they seemed to pull of some kind of martial arts, as he reached the Abyss Stone he fought an Undead Reaper and after he took the Abyss Stone through a path that he had to activate through some switches, Sir William shows up and makes a futile attempt to take the Abyss Stone for himself and ultimately failing as the Overlord killed him...again.


  • Here you will find the unique Harvesting Helmet Mould.
  • The women seem to know martial arts as it is shown when you try to capture them.
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