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Health depletes when damage is taken, when it is completely depleted, you die.

Tip: Try not to die, the spaced-out autosaves will have you wait, since you will have to replay a significant portion of the game when you try to continue.

Overlord & Raising Hell[]

Maximum: 8
In Overlord, the Overlord's maximum health is increased by acquiring Health Pillars.
Tip: It is possible to imbue Blues (Minions) into an Armour to increase your maximum Health. You can also imbue Greens into armour to slowly regenerate health.

Overlord II[]

In Overlord II, health is increased by acquiring Health Upgrades. There are a total of five such upgrades to be found in the game.

Overlord: Dark Legend[]

Maximum: 9
In Overlord: Dark Legend, health is increased by acquiring Blood Relics.

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