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Before his death, Hakon (pronounced "Hawk-on") was the leader of a group of infamous dwarven mercenaries known as The Utter Bastards. The Bastards are extraordinarily tough and ferocious, and also tend to leave utter carnage in their wake. Hakon worked his way up through the group since he was a nipper, largely by being a more devious scheming bastard than his cohorts.

The Bastards have quite a robust approach to leadership which tends to be occupied by whichever of their number manages to survive in the position the longest. By far the greatest threat to any Bastard leader is being killed off by a member of their own crew.

And to those ends Hakon has been quite a successful leader in that he managed to survive for two years in the role, prior to his death. However, he had seen off more than two dozen assassination attempts by his own men. This usually resulted in their deaths or extreme maiming. Since killing one another off is pretty much seen as an extreme sport to the Bastards (especially if they can’t find anyone else to kill) they don’t hold grudges should an assassination attempt be thwarted. Therefore most of the Bastards are extremely scared and often missing eyes, ears and the occasional limb.

Eventually Hakon met his end after the Bastards were hired by the Shining Justice to help them take down Cryos’ and his dark elf family. Some of the Bastards weren’t too happy about working for Paladins, but the pay was good and it gave them an excuse to kill elves. Hakon and Cryos ended up fighting and both killing each other off, thus giving the Minions a two-for-one-opportunity for Netherghūl candidates.


  • His name is the Danish spelling of the Norwegian name Håkon.
  • He is the first playable Dwarf in the Overlord franchise.
  • In-game his Overlord Gauntlet is atleast 2-3 times the size of of his real hand, obviously because the gauntlet was made for a human wearer, not a dwarf.
  • As shown in some of the pages from the artbook, Hakon was originally going to be a human rogue before he was later changed into a dwarf.


Name Desciption Function
Woodsman's Hatchets Pilfered from some kind of mechanical man. All talk, no heart. Starter Weapon.
Poisoned Blades An assassin's weapon, dipped in poison for good measure. Chance to poison enemies with each hit.
Spiked Hammer Like a hammer, but with sharp bits! Enemies hit with this weapon are taunted.
Thunder Hammer Miyol- Mijoll- Mew-Mew. They say the bearer gets to rule Asgard. Chance to shock enemies with each hit.
Minion Hammer Made by the browns, especially for you - so it's basic yet brutal. Use it and the minions will favour you. Gain a random minion cube every few seconds.
Vampiric Twin-Swords Nothing sparkly about these. Chance to steal health from enemies with each hit.
Burning Axes Burn your enemies, and I don't mean with insults and harsh words. Chance to set enemies on fire with each hit.
The Axes of Evil As a Netherghul, you are too weak to wield it properly, but it will grant you a constant supply of minions. Constant supply of minion cubes - vastly reduced strength.