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Greenvale is an European human kingdom located near the dwarven domain of Golden Hills and the elven forest of Illirium. The ruler of this land is called with the title of Duke and his seat of power is Castle Gromgard. A remarkable fact about this land is that in the past has been ruled by two Overlords (the Black Baron and the First Overlord) in two different times in history.


The inhabitants of Greenvale are mostly human farmers and merchants, although this land is also infested by a large population of bellicose halflings, interested in claiming the kingdom only for themselves.


During the Black Baron and the First Overlord's rule, the military of Grennvale were almost completely made up of minion soldiers, while during the rule of Duke Gromgard the military power of this kingdom was almost non-existent.


Greenvale is located to the west of the Golden Hills and to the north of the forest of Illirium. This kingdom contains within it the lands known as Gromgard Wilderness, Farmstead, Meadowsweet Town, Skull Canyon and Withering Woods.

Notable citizens[]