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Golden Hills Royal Halls was was a peculiar kind of a king's palace. The whole place was carved in a mountain by Dwarven standards. Due to constant construction works the structure of this place was becoming more and more unstable. Dwarven King Goldo Golderson is obsessed with protecting his Gold and Beer and he simply doesn't care about well-doing of his subordinates. Many Dwarves have died here, crushed by rocks and ruined architecture like columns .

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Events During Overlord.[edit | edit source]

As Third Overlord was fighting through The Stronghold Goldo dispatched a lot of Dwarves Flamethrowers to protect him. Rationality of such decision is questionable as, for some reason, the entrance hall contained a lot of bombs.. After fighting through such odds and Goldo's last pair of guardians Third Overlord faced Dwarven King in battle. Goldo performed an even weirder act by using his Clumsy Battle Machine in dilapidated hall. Eventually, Goldo's 'tank' was destroyed and Third Overlord had nothing left to do with him but to kill him. The Royal Halls weren't able to withstand all this and slowly started to tremble and crumble. Quickly progressing to Goldo's treasury Third Overlord found great treasure and trapped Elven maidens. Gnarl quickly reminds his master that he needs to make the choice quickly or else the whole 'palace' will collapse on him. And so the Evil Overlord was left with a choice.. Either ways Third Overlord didn't hesitated to leave the Halls before they collapsed, becoming a grave to the ones who died within it. Royal Halls collapsed entrance was rarely visited by Third Overlord.

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