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Goldo Golderson's Stronghold was a huge fortress of the Dwarven King and his Royal Halls.

The whole place consists of a yard with awnings and a staircase system that leads to The Royal Halls. This stronghold is also a good example of Dwarven architecture also it should be noted this place is placed in dead end. The stronghold is protected by a moat with water.


Events During Overlord[]

Golden Hills Stronghold is the final place to visit in Golden Hills.

After going through the region, Third Overlord finally gets to the King of Dwarves Goldo Golderson. After fighting through Guarding Dwarves he infiltrates the King's 'palace' and puts an end to Goldo's golden fever.

After that the Stronghold was abandoned and visited only by Third Overlord.

Events During Overlord: Raising Hell[]

During the Abyss Crysis an Infernal Abyss opened in the Stronghold's yard. After hearing that there are tons of Gold in that place a lot of Dwarves rushed to it. Dwarven lust for Gold formed a rivalry between themselves. After hearing such news from Gnarl, Third Overlord decided to investigate the situation. Such Investigation resulted into takeover of The Golden Abyss.

As Third Overlord was trapped in The Abyss and as the Dwarves ceased maintaining it as it was of no use to them it can be assumed that the Stronghold was left in ruins and soon collapsed.

Events During Overlord II[]

It is not know what happened to the Stronghold after the Great Cataclysm but if Golden Hills were actually affected by the said Magical Cataclysm then the The Stronghold met similar fate.