What is the favorite things of dwarves? Gold and beer, of course! That's exactly why the Brewery is located in the middle of the Golden Hills; many dwarves even live inside the Brewery! Why spend time traveling there when you can already be there downing a cold one?

The Golden Hills Brewery.

The Brewery is an enormous cavern, a hollowed out section of the mountain directly connecting the fort and Goldo's Royal Halls. It allows travel throughout the Golden Hills even if the second path (the bridge over the chasm) is inaccessible. 

The Brewery consists of two parts: the upper area and a lower area.

The upper area appears to be a living area with numerous dwarf homes. The main feature of this area is a wide network of beer-on-tap connected right to the homes within the Brewery. Also, there are plenty of areas with topped tankards in case your little army needs a buzz.

The lower area is the main source of dwarven beer provided by the Beer Kettle, the "heart" of the Brewery. It is heavily guarded, so to get to the lower level, you must collect several spokes. The heist of the dwarves' beloved kettle will imbue sobriety and leave a hole in their poor hearts,

Gnarl mentions that dwarves only live underground to keep the rain out of their beer.

Also, the Brewery holds a new Spell Stone: Infernal Shield / Sanctuary.

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