The Golden Hills are the rocky areas that can be reached by passing Oberon's tree in Evernight Forest . It may have been a peaceful mountainous region once, but since the dwarves call it their home the dangers have increased. There are many different creatures to be found here, ranging from plain Beetles to the massive, huge Rock Giants.

Since the dwarves favor beer as their favorite drink, it is no suprise that there can be found beer nearly everywhere. Especially at the brewery itself, which is maybe the second most precious and therefore second most guarded construction in the dwarven lands.

From here it's possible to see the dark tower's mountain range, but is covered by snow, another is the sky being perennely stormy.

After the great cataclysm it's possible that it became what's called 'Wasteland', since the slugs are now contamined by the ooze and swim in it, that is shown to have reached the earth's depth, explaining why they are contamined.

Points of Interest/DungeonsEdit

Golden Hills2

The Golden Hills.

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