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Golden Hills is huge, mountainous region and also a home to Dwarves.

There a lot of Dwarven related places, scattered across the region, those places are Small Settlement, Beer Tavern, Glittering Mine (Mine crumbling with gold) and Passageway to more Important Places, these Important Places are: Dwarven Brewery, Mother Goddess Temple, Arcanium Mine (And Nearby Settlement) and Stronghold of the Dwarven King Goldo Golderson.

Region is also infested with Slugs who seem to ooze into everything and out of everything in seemingly limitless numbers, constantly troubling Dwarves. Slug Invasion trouble is massive and uncontrollable and many of Dwarves have died, trying to deal with these Mollusks. But otherwise the Dwarven Kingdom is Redoubtable and Advanced.

Third Overlord soon conquered the lands, wiped out most of the Dwarves, killed Goldo and became the new Leader of this region. Under Third Overlord's influence these lands became Silent and the remaining Dwarfs were silently spending their days doing their things, keeping to themselves.

After Third Overlord vanquished most of the Slugs and even managed to destroy their Matriarch, remaining Slugs were seen only in remote areas or fleeing the region in seek of new, propitious home.

During the Infernal Abyss Crisis the region reigned with Sound and Activity as an Infernal Abyss opened up in the Dwarven Stronghold. Dwarves were probably offered as much gold as they wanted and that had a detrimental effect on their cohesion causing them to fight over the gold even to the point of forming dedicated groups.

A lot of Dwarves were trapped in this Abyss also taking their lust of gold to extreme levels and also turning them into subjects to the antics of Wraiths. After Third Overlord's Conquering of this Golden Abyss, trapped Dwarves were left in terror after their failed attempt to destroy the Abyss Stone but overall in Peace.


It is not known if Golden Hills were affected by the Great Cataclysm but probably this region was affected as well. Slugs can be seen returning to What's Left Of The Old Territories Of The Dark Tower and are now contaminated with magic ooze. 


Points of Interest[]

The Brewery

Goldo's Stronghold

The Royal Halls

Temple Construction Site

Arcanium Mine

Glittering Mine

Golden Hills Abyss