OL2 Gnarl's Musing

Gnarl musing.

Gnarl, the Overlord's trusted advisor, is often deep in thought about evil and how an Overlord should best control his subjects. The tips relate to Overlord II.

Note: These are actual quotations from Overlord II while loading.

Philosophical moments Edit

  • "Power corrupts. Absolute power... is a whole lot of fun."
  • "The evil that men do is nothing compared to the evil that we do."
  • "It's good to be bad, but it's better to be evil."
  • "Take it easy... but do take it!"
  • "A good leader inspires by example. But if that fails, brutal violence will do just as well."

Minions Edit

  • "Never get between Gnarl and his deep fried baby seal nuggets."
  • "Browns, Reds and Greens cannot swim. They are, however, remarkably good at drowning."
  • "Don't ask Quaver to sing you a lullaby."

Creatures Edit

  • "Seals can see into your soul. They must be wiped out!"
  • "Unicorns! Over-rated pit-ponies!"
  • "Never take a succubus home to meet your mother."
  • "There's nothing noble about a dragon. It's 10 tons of flaming muscle powered by a brain the size of a gooseberry."
  • "Do not play cards with a rock giant. They never go to the game without an ace or two up their crevices."

Cooking & Eating Edit

  • "If you must eat a phoenix, don't roast it, it only encourages them. Instead boil in water or hot oil."
  • "Do not use a salamander for cooking purposes. They will nearly always burn things."
  • "Eating the eyeballs of a dryad will make you spleen explode."
  • "Never eat weevils on a Tuesday."

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