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"It's the pride of the Empire! It's the champion of the arena! It's the Gargantuan!"
Marius introduces the Gargantuan during the games in the Empire Arena.

Gargantuans are large, muscular super-humanoids created in experiments by the Glorious Empire (though the Empire Soldiers are told that they are from a 100% natural breeding program). This likely involves the Magical Plague in some form, utilised in a way that enhances a warrior without mutating them into a Magic Zombie.

Overlord II[]

Gargantuans are commonly equipped in the armour of a gladiator and wield large, wide-tipped swords.

They cannot see well, nor are they very intelligent, and will randomly charge in the general direction of the Overlord or his minions. This can be used to remove obstacles in the Overlord's path. They are hailed by Marius as champions of the arena, and are widely revered by both the Empire's citizenry and soldiers.

A Gargantuan's' charge does not do much damage, but their sword-swings can be lethal. It is best to trick the Gargantuan into charging into a wall or other obstacle and attack them while they are stunned.


Concept art for the Gargantuan.

If you have The Apocalyptor mace, you can take on a Gargantuan without any help from your minions, and on the power swing, it will usually knock them down to the ground, giving you a chance to attack them.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Gargantuans resemble Roman Gladiators, particularly the Secutors.
  • They were first modelled without Gladiator helmets.
  • The Empire General is built and reacts the same way as a Gargantuan, albeit with a Centurion's head attached to his body. This implies that he had taken part in a similar experiment to the Gargantuans, perhaps in an attempt to create a more intelligent breed.
  • The First Gargantuan you encounter has a bucket on his head instead of a helmet. It is the only Gargantuan that will drop a Dark Crystal. He also has a wooden sword rather than a real sword like those worn by the other gargantuans that we can meet. Yet when he is killed, he does not drop a bucket and a wooden sword, but the weapons of a normal gargantuan.


  • Gargantuans may hail from drug experiments on soldiers and citizens, as hinted by their human-like appearance and heard during Centurion dialogue.