The Fourth Overlord known to have existed is informally The Overlad and also called Witch-boy by Kelda (although it was originally a term used to mock him as a child) and the Demon Lord of Nordberg.


After his father, the Third Overlord, was trapped in the Infernal Abyss, his mother (Velvet or Rose)[1] left the Dark Tower and was found outside the gates of Nordberg. The empire of the Third Overlord fell into chaos, until its annilhation due to the Great Cataclysm that destroyed the upper levels of the Dark Tower, leaving behind the wasteland. Several years later, still a little boy, a group of brown minions found him near the outskirts of the town. The people there greatly disliked and feared him, except for Kelda, who already has a mild crush on him. After being found by the minions he was raised by Minion Master Gnarl. As he was raised in Netherworld Tower, the Glorious Empire rose to power. But as Gnarl says his father, the third overlord, now a god, will find a way to escape the infernal abyss somehow.

Overlord II

OL2 Icon Overlord

When he came of age he assumed his rightful place as Overlord. Shortly after proving he was Overlord, he conquered Nordberg. There he took his first mistress, Kelda. Then he proceeded to conquer the Empire held Everlight. There, he defeated the town's governess, another agent working for the Empire, and rescued Juno, another mistress, from Everlight. Next, he proceeded to the Wastelands, now a barren land destroyed by the Great Cataclysm, and found its sanctuary. Here, he joined the elves and drained Fay, their queen, to power the Tower Heart, then took Fay, dead or alive, as his third and final mistress. Then he made his final strike against the Empire, smashing through its anti-magic shield by catapulting the Tower Heart at the walls of the Imperial City. He conquered the Empire Heartlands and killed the power-hungry Emperor. A mysterious prophet (later revealed as the once-Third Overlord Mistress Rose) predicted he would share the same fate as his father (the Third Overlord) if he did like his father did (loving women, destruction, killing etc, hinting that the third overlord was 'truly evil' and probably dumped Rose) bringing him to have some exile or gory death, though. She eventually allies herself with him as he proceeds to conquer Empire City, stating that Solarius has become corrupt and that the Overlord's Darkness is necessary. After finding Solarius and discovering that he is actually Florian Greenheart (a servant of queen Fay), Rose informs him that he has gone mad with power and must be stopped before he can destroy all traces of good in him. After fighting the newly formed Devourer, the Overlord realizes that in order for there to be evil, there must be good, and the only thing that could destroy a great evil is an even greater evil. The Overlord is that greater evil. After killing the Devourer, the Overlord destroys the "Glorious Empire" and takes his rightful place as ruler of all the land as Overlord, with Gnarl hinting that he may be waiting the right moment to betray the overlord for unknown reasons, maybe the return for the Third or the Second overlord.

Netherworld Tower Upgrades

Even though the Overlord may pay for an abundance of decorative upgrades for the tower, concerning his mistresses, he only has one such addition.

Tower Upgrade OL2 Icon Treasure Gold
Overlord Banner 100

Personality and Traits

He seems to be interested in women more than his father; this may be due to his young age,or could be because his father liked them as well, but because the dark tower could not host 2 mistresses at once,he had to choose.

Unlike his father, his skin appears to be blue and covered in spiraling symbols. The reason is perhaps, he was contaminated from the Great Cataclysm when the Tower Heart exploded (considering Nordberg is the first safe area after the wasteland,but the villagers don't appear to have suffered the plague, since Kelda says that she heard that 'the cataclysm was horrible, thousands of corpses had to be thrown away' indicating that Nordberg was never hit by the plague, or the overlord was contaminated shortly after being born, and probably he still was in the tower lands shortly after the explosion), considering the plague victims have similar skin color and markings as he does, but he developed resistance and was gifted with magic and he could control it freely, or could be that his parents could use magic, and the skin color is a side effect, or for the cold environment of Nordberg being 'unsuitable' to his race. Even as a child, the Fourth Overlord was incredibly strong; able to beat a legion soldier to death in two blows using a club. When he grew older, he took on a much larger and more muscular form than his father, and was capable of landing several punishing blows in quick succession, each one powerful enough to shatter Empire legionnaire armor.

In terms of overall evilness, the Fourth Overlord was much more efficient and domineering than his father. Whereas the Third Overlord relied on his own charisma, good deeds, and seemingly miraculous timing to keep his subjects in line, the Fourth Overlord often chose to simply drain their essence until they were little more than puppets (or would simply kill them off without hesitation). He also took a more "hands on" approach to his conquered lands, keeping a cadre of minions topside at all times whereas the Third Overlord only did so in specific cases. However, he was not outright cruel, and many commoners from many lands he owned felt no fear in alerting him to the happenings of his domain (and asking for very stupid things).

His style of waging war greatly contrasted the styles of the previous overlords before him. Again, the most notable contrast is with his father, the Third Overlord. Whereas the Third Overlord preferred battles of attrition and full frontal assaults to overwhelm and capture enemy points (such as his assault on the Silent Order), the Fourth Overlord was a master of subterfuge and blitzkrieg. For example, in the Nordberg commune, instead of facing its dryad guardians head-on, the Fourth Overlord (in the body of a minion) snuck around via a smaller branch and attacked the surprised dryad from the rear. When conquering Everlight, the Overlord quickly swept through the city, scattering and confusing the static legion phalanx with attacks from multiple directions and speedy pushes, ultimately defeating the much more numerous and arguably more experienced Empire forces.

He had the natural limited ability to control magic, though like his father still needed spell stones to activate his full magical abilities. He is also, unlike the Third Overlord, "in tune" with arcane energy--to the point where even standing near a netherworld gate regenerates any wounds he suffered and replenished his internal mana reserve. This is possibly due to the fact that he is the son of the Third Overlord  who possessed  magical ability of some description, or  it could be the tower heart's explosion infusing him with some of the original spell stone power (since the tower heart managed the spells). He seemed to be more attached to the minions then his father, considering them to be close friends, since they were his only 'people' who didn't fear him, considering him like one of them in opposite of Nordberg children despising him and running away from him, he grew up with them, this made him decide to bring some of his dead minions back to life thanks to Mortis,the old blue minion responsible with the life and death of the minions.

Witch Boy Nordberg

References and Notes

  1. Cutscene near end of Overlord II.


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